Oak Ridges Home

Detached - Bungolo 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1100 ft2

Oak Ridges Home

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Sorry, this home has recently sold, 20 km north of Toronto, Canada – This Oak Ridges Home no longer available, rented long term.    Enjoy Lake Wilcox and the surrounding area.

Lake Wilcox is located in the community of Oak Ridges at the headwaters of the East Humber River. As the largest kettle lake on the Oak Ridges Moraine, Lake Wilcox supports diverse and sensitive biological communities while also providing users with recreational activities such as skating, fishing and water sports. There are four Town properties on the shoreline of Lake Wilcox – Sunset Beach Park, Jesse Venek Park and North Shore Parkette provide lake front viewing and picnic space and the Fish & Wildlife Sanctuary/Pike Hatchery for those interested in a nature experience.

Hiking is also popular in this area, whether your ideal hike is a few hours or few days, you’ll find fascination in every step as you discover many nature trails in this area. These trails offer everything from urban trails that let you explore the towns and cities, to wilderness trails where it’s just you and nature.Many of these walking and hiking trails follow the routes of the aboriginals and explorers.